Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Please support our flight
and buy a DVD!
With this flight, we also promote General Aviation.
Together and with a lot of publicity we can win the battle against the fees in the air,
and keep flying at an affordable price.
We do a lot to promote GA worldwide. About seventy TV appearances so far show people that you need not be a millionaire to fly, and that your dream can come true.
If you want to order the DVD, just go to

you are just a mouse click away in being able to watch this great flying story
with a homebuilt airplane.
A flying story of the first part of our journey. Great scenery and great music makes this film
a little jewel in your DVD library.

Friday, January 20, 2012

 A gift to all our simulator fans around!

Our Flying Friend

Simon Jungenkrueger

made this special repaint of the RV-7

Thanks a lot for this fantastic work

We will be very happy to get your TESTIMONIALS about the film:

Tufan Sevincel
I recently downloaded your excellent film. Congratulations you made an excellent job. Such an extraordinary film. I am eagerly waiting the DVD to watch it again.

Jeffrey van Rossum (composer)
Beautiful images are an inspiration to compose beautiful music.

Ned Rose
...it is a VERY nice and inspiring piece of work..

Vic Babyak
Great job on the DVD---what gorgeous scenery! ... ----what diversity in the different countries through South America, the beauty and then desolation together; and the good old USA is a wondrous place too; the areas through Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are very breath taking.

Robert "Bob" Jans
..it's unmistakenly a professional film. Well done, good narration, excellent shots ... it will appeal to the flyer as well as the bystander/non-flying public. It also asks for more, part 2 ?. I enjoyed it immensely!

Michael Langer
Ich bin begeistert !!!
Es sind fantastische Aufnahmen mit wunderschöner Musik und Sprache vertont

Monday, January 2, 2012

Every week you can win a DVD about our flight:


The winners of the week is:

Ed Grossheim from Camden SC, USA

Many Thanks to the EAA Chapters
for the fast response
and the offered support.

We wish you all a Happy New Year