Monday, February 20, 2012

Our friend Gary is doing a great job.
He ships the NTSC version out.
Thanks a lot!
Did you already order a copy?

More Testimonials:   
William Carlos de Oliveira ...I already have watched your movie and I loved it from beginning to the end!!! 
John Touchett ... watched it, all 110 minutes and were really impressed. You did such a professional job. The Video is awsome. I can't even imagine how many hours,days and weeks you spent putting it together. No matter what, you did a really good job. I want to order some extra copies ....... 
Thomas W. Ivines ...I watched the video last night. It was awesome! I enjoyed every minute and it enlightened me on parts of the world I know nothing about.Kudos to the both of you. Now, I can hardly wait for the next additions.
Walt & Char
We would say your naration of the video was very well done, the quality of the photography was excellent.  It held our attention for the entire time, didn't even breake for popcorn. 
Lucien Guenneguez
I just got the video, watched it twice. Magnificent! Waiting for Vol 2. 
HERE, you can buy your copy !!!!!