Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bahamas Adds new airport taxes for private pilots $50 in and $50 out

Today I got this email from Jim Parker. I hope that a lot of the pilots will stop to fly to the Bahamas now.
The Bahamas government effective July 1, 2013 has instituted new aviation taxes:  $50 in and $50 out for private aircraft and $75 in and $75 out for commercial operators.
This is in addition to the passenger departure tax of $25 which also applies to the crew - the only island nation that applies departure tax to crew members.
So now your day trip to Bimini with three passengers in your C172 begins with a $200 bill before you even begin spending your tourism dollars. The Bahamas reaps millions in tourism dollars from private aviation.  These new taxes will certainly discourage many pilots from visiting the Bahamas and will result in a net loss of revenue for the government.