Sunday, October 7, 2012

Final leg from Guanambi to Peruibe 780 miles / 1250 km

With one day delay we arrived in Peruibe. Here we will stay for a longer time. Lilis father is already here. We will support him now, since Lilis mother died a couple weeks ago. We hope that we can sell some aircrafts here in Brazil. 60% of Vans production is sold to Brazil. It is a big market here and since the road net is not very well developed, there is a need for a lot of aircrafts in Brazil.
Our goal is to fly back and for to the USA and import some airplanes, restore them here and sell them.
The prices in Brazil are about 30% higher than in the US.
Then we will buy a certified aircraft and continue our trip around the world.
We chose Peruibe because it is very close (100miles) to the economical capital Sao Paulo with its more than 22 million habitants. It is on the beach, it is a small town of only 50.000 people and of course, it has an airport. A nice familiar flying club with 3 RV-10, 5 RV-9, 5 Pelican, 3 Rans Coyote and a couple of GTs and trikes. The grass runway is 600m long.

There is no way to fly direct through the Sao Paulo aera. You must strictly follow the VFR corridors.

A view to the endless beaches
Our daily exercises BIKING. Our house is only 400m away from the beach but the airport is 5 miles/8km away.

Giorgio and Paulo keep the club alive
The most important event at the airport. Churrasco!!!!
The daily market. Fruits and vegetables as far you can see.
Brewing our own beer. I have to test it every day. Lili did a good job!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 5th leg from Catuleve to Guanambi SNGI 750 miles / 1200 km

We departed again early in the morning with light fog around. During the start run the airspeed rised up slowly although the feeling of the acceleration was normal and we were airborne with only indicating 40 kts. The runway was too short to abort the take-off. We had enough fuel on board to fly the whole way of 2500 km non-stop.
I decided to fly 4 hours without airspeed indicator to our alternate airfield. The runway in SNGI was long enough to make a safe landing. I made the landing with my common power setting and flew the approach with the AoA (Angel of Attack). After landing I checked the pitot tube and found out that there must be an insect inside that blocked the tube.
It was Sunday and nobody on the airfield was here to help us with tools and a compressor. After a while somebody arrived and we could get access to compressed air and tools. I was able to blow the insect from the instrument side out of the tube. But it was too late to continue our flight.

I had to remove a lot of stuff to get access to the pressure line of the airspeed indicator.

Carlos Roberto and his son Jefferson supported us in Guanambi

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The 4th leg from Macapa SBMQ to Catuleve near Fortaleza. 880 miles 1400 km

We flew a direct course via Belem and Sao Luis to Catuleve.
In 2009 we landed already here and made a lot of friends like Andre Nunes, Cristino, Fernando, Demerval and a lot more. This time we stayed with Andre. At the airport we had our first Churrasco in Brazil after the long flight.

Finally in Catuleve with friends

Andre showed me the right cut

Only one word " Delicious"