Friday, May 18, 2012

Leaving the Dominican Republic

Today we left the Dominican Republic.
We had in mind to install here our home base. In the middle of North and South America.

But it was impossible to get a non military hangar on the coast. The bureaucrats are all over the world the same. Everything would be much easier without this "brake pads".

On the other hand a couple of people around Franklin Polanco and the guys from "" try everything to make it easier to fly to the Dominican Republic. They were always there when we need them. Great guys.

We had a great time here, edited our film here and I prepared myself for the A&P exam.

Thanks to all of them.

The Dominican Republic is a great place, not only for holidays.
It is not a light house, it is a nice bar on the beach near La Romana

Fresh fruits on every road

Palm trees in another configuration

The General of the Dominican Air-force offered us an hangar within the military area of San Isidro.

We ferried this huge motor yacht with Steve Ballesty from the northern part of the DR to Boca Chica to the south.

A flying raft on the beach

The entrance of Puerto Plata MDPP

And MDPP from the air. 5 miles from our house.

Lonely beaches

My mother and Lili on the beach behind our house

The tower of  MDMC Monte Cristi on the border to Haiti

Not only rich people can afford a home

My mother and me in Constanca

Our first Apartment in Sosua

and our final home

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hangar in Constanca, Mountains in the DR

Our little "Fliegli" alone in the huge hangar in Constanca

Elevation of MDCZ is 3528ft surrounded by the highest mountains in the Caribbean Sea. MSA is 12.400ft. This airport was for longer than one year the nest of our little bird. In this time we produced our DVD.