Friday, February 22, 2013

Flight to Argentina

The government changed the Visa rules and our plane cannot longer stay in Brazil.
We got one extension but today we will fly the RV to Argentina. We flew to Foz do Iguacu SBFI (Brazil). Shortly after arrival a heavy thunder storm started and we were not able to fly over the border to the 10 miles away SARI the Argentinian part of Foz.
We decided to go with the bus to Argentina and fly the RV tomorrow to Argentina.
As we arrived on the border, the next shock: I was not allowed to enter Brazil. The visa rules changed also for me. What should we do? I’m in Argentina and the aircraft in Brazil? We made an alarm call over facebook, searching for a pilot with an American license and able to fly a RV-7 over the border. Only a 5 minutes flight.
We were lucky. Emile Colcombet will do it.He is an Argentinian airline pilot and lives only 200km away. At first I had to scan all his documents and to apply for a permission, that he is allowed to fly the plane in Brazil. After 3 days he got the permission. One day more and he and Lili could fly the plane to Argentina. Stop!!! At first must be done the paperwork and to pay the R$ 370 / 185 USD departure fee. After the landing the arrival procedures began.
Andres Scherer offered us hangar space at the airport for USD240/month. The following day we drove back with the bus to Peruibe. An 18 hour bus tour. For the flight we need only 2:45 hours.
Pocket FMS on the NAVITER a really good solution. For us the best flight planning program and of course a great mowing map.

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